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    Diatomite (Diatomaceous Earth or “DE”) is a sedimentary rock primarily composed of the fossilized remains of unicellular fresh water plants known as Diatoms. Over the millennia the diatoms have been compressed to create one of the most effective growing mediums available. Diatomite consists of approximately 90% silicon dioxide, with the remainder of its contents being elemental minerals, which are essential for plant growth. All of these unique factors make Diatomite the definitive horticultural grade growing medium.

    All Diatomite is not created equal. You may be familiar with diatomaceous earth that is used in filters and as an insect and slug repellant. These types of products are not suitable for horticulture because the diatoms are of salt-water origin, leaving them with a high salinity level that is not suitable for plants.

    Diatomite USA's diatomite comes from an Australian deposit of fresh water origin that is natural, non-toxic, and free of contaminants, making Diatomite the definitive growing medium.


    Diatomite is High in Silica, Absorbent, Porous, Long Lasting, Environmentally Friendly, pH Neutral, Sterilized, Natural and Reusable, all factors necessary for health plants, while still being cost effective for the grower.


    High Silica Content Silica is essential for healthy plants and roots. Because diatomite is 90% silica, your plants will receive a slow release of silica resulting in healthier more robust plants.
    Absorbency & Porosity Diatomite is naturally very porous, and can hold 150% of its weight in water. The Silica Content, natural Absorbency, and Porous qualities result in a slow release of water and nutrients to your plants, contributing to higher yields and less watering.
    Capillary Action & Lateral Movement The porosity of the Diatomite contributes to its ability to draw water, while moving water and nutrients laterally throughout the medium, making Diatomite ideal for Hydroponics!
    Air Penetration Diatomite is multifaceted and varies in size. Because each rock is unique in shape it does not compact while in the pot. This leaves pockets, allowing air to penetrate and circulate to the root zone.
    Sterilized, Non-Toxic, pH Neutral When Diatomite is mined it is heat treated to over 600 degrees Celsius, making it completely sterile and safe for all of your planting needs. Whether you are using 100% diatomite or you are adding it to a mix of your soil it will not contribute to changes in pH.
    Environmentally Friendly Diatomite is a fossil, making it natural, safe and an Environmentally conscience alternative. We have visited the mine in Australia, and we are confident that the practices used to mine our product are safe and in accordance with Australian environmental guidelines.
    Long Lasting, Natural
    & Reusable
    Diatomite is inert and will not break down or decompose like other growing mediums. It is Natural and completely reusable. When dry, diatomite is extremely lightweight, making it ideal for plant shipping purposes. Because it is Reusable and Long Lasting it is economical and cost effective for long term use.


    We have four sizes available for all of your growing needs

    Fine (#1) 1/32 to 3/16 inch 0.5mm to 2mm
    Small (#2) 1/16 to 1/4 inch spy cameras
    Medium (#3) 1/4 to 5/8 inch 7mm to 15 mm
    Large (#4) 5/8 to 1 inch 15mm to 25 mm

    (Click to View Sizes)

    (Note: For more specific product information, please contact us.)


    DiatomiteUSA is family owned and operated business based in a suburb of Buffalo, New York on the shores of Lake Erie. Our goal is to provide all growers, a superior quality product, while maintaining excellent service and competitive pricing to all markets in the USA and Canada. While our online sales are geared to smaller quantities, we are capable of meeting and exceeding your quantity and service requirements. Wholesale prices are available upon request. Give us a call, fax, email, or drop by the farm, and we will be more than happy to discuss your needs.

    Thank you for taking a look at our website, and we look forward to hearing from you.

    Good Growing,

    Joe & Michael DiDomenico
    (Father & Son)



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